Ralph is always happy to answer enquiries, so please feel free to contact him by email or mobile phone (he answers both voice and text calls!)


Ralph is available for bookings large and small.. just discuss your needs with him directly..

  • He is a dance caller for Ceilidhs, and can find a band for you, or will happily work with a band you may already have in mind
  • He plays melodeon, guitar, mandolin, and tenor banjo , playing Irish, English & New World music, solo or with a band
  • He sings a variety of songs, from traditional English, Irish & Scottish folk to old music hall and more contemporary songs
  • He is a storyteller, telling tall tales and monologues to delight his audience
  • Ralph is also a personal friend of a certain "Santa Claus", who may well be persuaded to attend your Christmas Party!


Ralph can perform almost any combination of his above talents as you may require for your event.  Please feel free to ring or email to talk to him, he is always approachable!


Email Ralph on   ralph.watea@yahoo.co.uk

Call or text him on   07885 702 597

Ralph's new solo album "Today's Monday" available now!